New Capeway Sports Committee



The focus of the N.C.S.C. is to provide a safe and competitive environment, while doing our part to develop riders of national caliber as we have in the past.

In order to develop this quality of rider many things need to be taken into consideration, first and foremost is insuring each rider gets the opportunity of sufficient track time.

Pre entry has become increasingly important in order to eliminate qualifiers, which effect the number of laps for every moto. We encourage pre entry so we can ensure each moto gets the maximum number of laps. Therefore classes will be closed once a maximum # of entries has been received. If your primary class is full and closed we will do our best to accommodate you with an alternative class. In order to give each class the maximum # of laps the # of classes has been limited. What a rider may give up in class eligibility we hope to make up for with increased time in each moto.

Each practice is 10 minutes long, evenly distributed between each division. These are the best ways for us to attempt to give each rider adequate track time.

NCSC awards Trophies not Medallions!

Also at Capeway Rovers the track design is periodically changed to keep it interesting and challenging.






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