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New NCSC Trackside results page
Check out the new results page powered by Trackside, it's searchable by event, racer name or number.

$31,770.00 bonus to NCSC racers.
The 2014 NCSC Spring & Fall Awards packages in the form of Gate Entrance passes, Event Class Entry and Practice Passes for the 2015 Race Season had an overall value of $25,770.00 Awarded to NCSC Riders, $6,000.00 in gift cards will be given out over the 2015 season by our sponsors on Race Day. NCSC is the only organization in New England to Sponsor its own Riders Through its Awards Program. It is once again time to chase your Dream to become an † NCSC Leader in New England!

Important notice about number plates
All motorcycles must have number plates, upright, clearly visible and legible when in a riding position and securely mounted; they consist of a front plate and side plate on each side.
Your N.C.S.C assigned number, in plain block numbers, with the appropriate color combinations must be used.
Fluorescent numbers and or backgrounds are not allowed. Fancy designs, outlines and or shading of numbers are not allowed.
All numbers on a motorcycle must be minimum of six inches tall, except for 50cc and 65cc class, they can be a minimum of three-inches tall.
Numbers may not touch or overlap on number plates.
Illegible numbers can result in either improper lap scoring or no scoring for the race. It is the riderís responsibility to ensure scorers can easily read his official NCSC number.

Number Plate Colors are:
50cc+ 60cc and Novice (C) - Black background White numbers
Amateurs (B) - Yellow background Black numbers
Expert (A) - White Background Black numbers.
Penalties will be assessed for wrong colors.

250 2-stroke rule update
250 2 Strokes are allowed in the 250/450/Open classes.
250 4 Strokes are allowed in the 250/Open classes.
250 2 Strokes are NOT ALLOWED in the 125 Youth classes.

General info
Member Event Entry $35 per Class
Non Member $10 One Day Fee
Gate $10 General Admission under 4 Free
Gate opens Night before Event 4-10pm  
Gate opens Day of Event 6:30am
Sign up is 6-8pm Night before, Day of 7-9am
Practice starts at 9am - Racing follows practice

Track Bucks At Capeway you get a choice, trophies or Track Bucks. Any NCSC Novice or Amateur class with a minimum of 20 entries will receive Track Bucks instead of trophies.
1st = $50 in Track Bucks
2nd = $40 in Track Bucks
3rd = $30 in Track Bucks
4th = $20 in Track Bucks
5th = $10 in Track Bucks

You can use Track Bucks at the front gate, for event entry, practice entry, mechanics pass, membership and at the snack bar.


CAPEWAY ROVERS M/C 2015 SCHEDULE updated 8-1-15
11/27/2015 Fri Practice @ CAPEWAY  

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