New Capeway Sports Committee FAQ's

All classes with the exception of the beginner classes are championship classes.

Non Championship Classes - The 50cc 4 stroke and 50cc Shaft class receives no promotional points, no championship points, they do receive tropheys.

For the 65cc to 100cc Beginner class, no promotional points, no championship points and no tropheys.

Basic Race Information:

For 2009, NCSC will run a 2 moto format for championship points. The promotional points and trophies are based on the overall finish for the days events. 2nd moto finish takes precedent.

Riders must complete at least 50% of the race to be scored.

The mechanics area: All mechanics must stay in the designated area during a moto. Failure to do so may result in rider disqualification. The exception being the 50cc mechanics. The 50 cc mechanics are exempt and may leave the mechanics area to help a rider in need during a practice or moto. Please 50cc mechanics, LOOK before you approach your downed rider. We don't want you running out on the track. You can cause serious injury to yourself and other fast approaching 50 riders.

If your rider falls, please do not run onto the track, let the medics and track personnel handle it. This is for your safety and the safety of the other riders.

Due to the negative effects of allowing entries to be moved from one date to another, Capeway Rovers will no longer offer this policy.

Each rider is responsible for entering the appropriate class. If it is determined a rider is riding in a class that is not of his or her ability, they will be reclassified. If the reclassification is to a higher class then all points earned will be forfeited. In the event that a rider would like to move themselves up to a higher class, then their points will carry with them. Any rider promoted from one class to another through promotional points will carry their championship points with them as well. Riders are responsible for the conduct of those accompanying them. In the event of unsportsmanlike conduct, rider disqualification may occur.

No Bicycle riding is allowed on race day.

Restrooms close at 10:30 PM on the day prior to race day, either Friday or Saturday. Restrooms reopen at 6:30 am on race day.

All generators must be shut off by 10 PM

The gate closes at midnight, the day before race day. The gates reopens at 6 AM on race day.

There is NO PIT RIDING ALLOWED! Engines must be shut off unless on the track!

Sign-up is open 6 PM to 9 PM, the day prior to race day. Race day sign-up is open from 7 AM to 9 AM. Sign-up fee on race day is $ 30 per class.

Engines may not be started before 9 AM.

Jumping is not allowed under the yellow flag.

Tune your radio to 1610 AM for updates and info while at the track.

How much does it cost to join NCSC ?

Annual membership is $ 75 per rider, if mailed in. Cost at the track is $ 100.00.
One day memberships are available for all riders, cost is $ 20.

How much are the entry fees ? - Event entry, postmarked and mailed in at least 10 days prior to the event is $ 30.00 per class.
Event entry at the track is $ 35.00 per class.

Entries should be mailed to :

P.O. Box 2304
Abington, MA 02351

Practice dates are normally scheduled to follow an NCSC race date. Cost is $ 30 per rider for NCSC Members, with no gate fee. Cost is $ 40 per rider for non-NCSC members.

15 minute practices sessions per class, run from 9am to 4pm. Classes are as follows, these are not listed in actual practice order, which is subject to change:

All 50's
All 65's
All 85's
All 125's
All 250's

Insurance and riding gear is manditory.




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